Compassionately reaching out to nourish and meet the physical needs of the underserved and overburdened.

FREE Grocery Store

All January Events Have Been Postponed Due To COVID at this time!

Feeding Denver's Hungry would like to apologize as we are having to postpone all events for the month of January 2022 due several of our key event coordinators/volunteers have tested positive for COVID-19. Once all of our team members have quarantined and test negative, we will announce the new dates for all events!

Thank you for understanding!
Mucho Amor'
Jim Scharper
Please accept our apologies
Feeding Denver's Hungry would like to formally apologize for the clerical error that happened regarding the FREE Grocery Store's Drive-Thru Service on Saturday, December 18, 2021. There was a communication error with our web hosting team and the incorrect address was sent to several Households that signed up to receive supplies. This was an error that went unnoticed until the hand up event was already in progress. Emails were sent to everyone who signed up correcting this error but unfortunately those emails did not reach everyone in time. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this error caused and we are not, cannot, penalize any Household for a No Call / No Show as this was our mistake. Please know that we are working diligently to correct this matter and to make sure this does not occur again in the future.

Our Fight Against COVID-19

Feeding Denver's Hungry is doing our part to help protect the members of the Denver Metro Communities that we serve.. Click on the button below to learn what we are doing and the requirements that we have put in place.
January 2022 Registrations are open for the Drive-Thru Service on January 22, 2022.
Please read this ENTIRE page before signing up as there are important information that has been updated.

Please do not send an email to us asking to sign-up as everything you need to know is posted on this page. Starting with the month of December 2021, we had to change our model to a "Drive-Thru Service" and we are only able to accommodate the one day per month at this time. In the meantime, we are working on the "Find Food" section of our website that will have a listing of other sources for food help programs.

Introducing the
FREE Grocery Drive-Thru Service

Effective December 1, 2021, we were forced to move to a smaller temporary warehouse location. With this move, we are not able to offer the FREE Grocery Store “Shopping Experience.” Instead, we are now offering the FREE Grocery Store “Drive-Thru Service” in its place.

Due to the temporary warehouse location, we will post the address for the FREE Grocery Drive-Thru Service within 48 hours (or more) prior to the date of the program each month.

The FREE Grocery Store allows households that are part of the Denver Metro Community that needs help with their grocery needs to “Drive-Thru” for FREE. Please note that some special request items may require a small donation.

All households that would like to “Drive-Thru” the FREE Grocery Store, will need to finish reading this ENTIRE page and then sign-up for a time-slot that is available for the “Drive-Thru Service” this month.

Please remember, that most of the items that your household is receiving for free, is not free to us. We work completely from Donations and with the help of Volunteers.


As the image states, Volunteers are An Essential Part Of Our Team. Without Volunteers like you, the FREE Grocery Store would not be able to offer our community the opportunity of shopping for FREE at the FREE Grocery Store.

We encourage everyone to visit the Volunteer Page and sign-up for when you are available to Volunteer and help us keep this program going. 

Please Note: If we feel that we do not have enough Volunteers for an event and/or program, we will be forced to cancel the event and program for that particular day.

Volunteers must be 16 years of age and older to Volunteer at the warehouse.

Many varieties of Volunteer opportunities available! 
FREE Grocery Store Rules

Before signing up and visiting the FREE Grocery Store, please know the rules!

  • The FREE Grocery Store's "Drive-Thru Service" is only available by appointment and not able to accept un-registered visitors.
  • The FREE Grocery Store's "Drive-Thru Service" is only allowing 1 appointment per household per vehicle.
  • The FREE Grocery Store's "Drive-Thru Service" is only able to allow 1 household per vehicle. We apologize that we are not able to allow multiple households within the same vehicle.
  • For COVID-19 Prevention, we are requiring all persons within the vehicle to wear a mask while we are loading your vehicle. 
  • We ask and require that all occupants of the vehicle remain inside the vehicle at all times while visiting the "Drive-Thru Service."
  • We ask that all vehicles have their truck beds, trunks, cargo sections and/or backseat areas clear and open to accept the boxes that we will be providing to your household.
  • The boxes that a household received from the FREE Grocery Store's "Drive-Thru Service" may contain different items than what another household may receive.
  • The FREE Grocery Store's "Drive-Thru Service" is always in need of Volunteers. Please visit the Volunteer Page to see our Volunteer Opportunities that we have available. 
  • If the FREE Grocery Store's "Drive-Thru Service" does not have enough Volunteers for that day/event, we may be forced to cancel the Drive-Thru Service for that day.
  • Any reserved appointment that is considered as a "No Call, No Show" may not make any appointments for any events provided by Feeding Denver's Hungry for the current month and the next 2 months following.
  • Any household that is considered as being a repetitive offenders of "No Call, No Show" sign-ups may be blocked from making any future reservations within any of Feeding Denver's Hungry programs.
  • As the FREE Grocery Store is FREE to everyone, most of the items is not free to Feeding Denver's Hungry. If you are able to, please make a small donation to us and help keep the great inventory coming in. If you are not able to this month, we completely understand. Maybe next month.
  • The email address that the confirmation will come from is ""
  • Please save your confirmation email as you will need that QR Code when visiting the  FREE Grocery Store's "Drive-Thru Service"
  • It is recommended that you do a screen shot of your QR code as the cellular data at our warehouse location is not the best.
  • Be ready to show us your QR code at the time of your check in.
  • If you are using a free email provider (i.e. Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, etc), the email may appear in your Junk/Spam Folder.
  • If you are using a corporate/work email, it may get blocked by your company's Spam Protection system.
  • Please note, if you are not able to show us your QR code, you will not receive the hand-up that you have signed-up.

The FREE Grocery Store is FREE to everyone within the Denver Metro Community. Due to the high demand of the services that is provided by the FREE Grocery Store along with the regulations from our Donors and Grant Providers, we are required to enforce a strict Cancelation Policy and a No Call, No Show Policy.

If for ANY reason that you need to cancel a reservation, you must cancel by 12:00 Noon of the day BEFORE your scheduled appointment. You can email us stating that you need to cancel and/or complete a Contact Us form with your cancelation notice..

If for any reason, that your household does not cancel by 12:00 Noon of the day prior to your reservation, your household will not be able to sign-up for any other services that is offered by Feeding Denver's Hungry for the current month and the following two months.

Continued No Call, No Show appointments for any of the programs that is offered by Feeding Denver's Hungry can and may prevent your household from signing up for any other programs that is offered by Feeding Denver's Hungry.

Your Confirmation Might Be In Your
Spam/Junk Folder

When a household makes a reservation for the FREE Grocery Store, the email address that used on the form will receive a Reservation Confirmation Email. If you are using a Free Email Service Provider (such as Google, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and others), they tend to place your confirmation automatically into the SPAM/JUNK folder. If you do not receive your confirmation email within 30 minutes after your sign-up, PLEASE check your Spam and/or Junk folder(s).

The following Links are some self help guides that you may/can follow to help prevent these emails from going into your Spam/Junk folders. 

Donating to the 
FREE Grocery Store

The FREE Grocery Store accepts all kinds of donations. We accept donations starting with, but not limited to, the following items:
  • Fresh Produce from Farmers
  • Fresh Produce from Private Individual Growers
  • All Canned and Dry Goods
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Laundry Supplies
  • Pet Supplies
  • Toys
  • Clothing
  • Other Household Items
We do ask and require that all food items be in their best shape possible, unopened and within their "best by" and/or "expiration date" as posted on the items. For all non-food items, we will inspect each item as they come in and make OUR best decision as to what we believe we will be able to provide to the community.

If you would like to donate to us, please complete a Contact Us form and one of our Board Members or Volunteers will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Registration for the FREE Grocery Store

Before signing up, please be sure that you have read this ENTIRE page!