Compassionately reaching out to nourish and meet the physical needs of the underserved and overburdened.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This page provides you the complete Privacy Policy that the Feeding Denver’s Hungry organization along with the and website follows. This page will also provide you the type of information that is collected and how it is used by us including with what and how, if any, information is shared with any outside organizations.

Page Last Updated

This page was last updated on December 26, 2021.

Personal Identifiable Information

Feeding Denver’s Hungry participates in many programs and we receive grants and/or funding from these programs. Some of the requirements for the grants and or funding has required for Feeding Denver’s Hungry to collect some personal information from the recipients in each of our programs. Not all of our programs require for us to collect the same information. Even though you may have provided the information for one program, you may be required to provide the same or different personal information for another program. Although you may be a recipient of a program for continuous weeks, you may be required to provide the same personal information weekly.

Rest assured. Although Feeding Denver’s Hungry is required to collect this personal information from you, Feeding Denver’s Hungry will never share any direct Personal Identifiable Information regarding any of our community members with any Outside Agency, including State and Federal Government Agencies. 

If you would like more information regarding this, visit the Contact Us page to send us a request to contact you further.

Our promise is to help everyone within the community and to keep their Personal Identifiable Information as personal as the person would keep it!

Completing Forms

All forms within the and website has been created using a form creation program within the website creation software, Formsite, Sign-up Forms and/or Mail Chimp. With their partnership, this allows us to be able to collect the information for each program more accurately, maintain our safe and secure lock of your information, provide better communication with you and the community about the events that are happening within the Feeding Denver’s Hungry family. You may visit their respective Privacy Pages for complete information of how they handle and safe guard your personal information.

Website Visiting and Clicking On Links

The and website is hosted by and their partnership with a Shared Hosting Provider (SHP).

Feeding Denver’s Hungry, Nivek Hosting or the Shard Hosting Provider does not utilize browsing cookies by visiting our website.

  • The following list is the only information that tracked by visiting our website.
  • How many “Hits” the website has received (per month, per week, per day, per hour)
  • How many “Visits” the website has received (per month, per week, per day, per hour)
  • Which pages of the website was accessed
  • How you accessed our website, did you go directly to it or were you referred to it (ie Google Search or Facebook posting)
  • Which links were clicked on and how many times they were clicked
  • The general geographic area from where the visitor of the website is located at (City and State only)
  • What type of browser was used to visit our website
  • What type of device was used to visit our website

All of this information is General Collective Information. There is not any Personal Identifiable Information in this gathering and it is not shared with any outside organizations and/or sold to any marketing firms. This information is collected automatically and is only used for in-house data gathering and projections of how we may better help you!