Compassionately reaching out to nourish and meet the physical needs of the underserved and overburdened.

Marshall Fire Assistance

All January Events Have Been Postponed Due To COVID at this time!

Feeding Denver's Hungry would like to apologize as we are having to postpone all events for the month of January 2022 due several of our key event coordinators/volunteers have tested positive for COVID-19. Once all of our team members have quarantined and test negative, we will announce the new dates for all events!

Thank you for understanding!
Mucho Amor'
Jim Scharper


Please imaging getting a call that you must leave your home and all of your belongings behind immediately, or risk sure death.. This happened to literally Thousands of families who now find themselves dealing with red tape and we get it with government agencies, this takes awhile to sort out, how they will help whom, etc, etc..


The FREE Grocery Store by Feeding Denver's Hungry has decided to help change all of this! We are working on the calendar very quickly, We will also need our amazingly awesome group of Volunteers to help pull this off. As our friend Corky Blankenship would say ... we can dance right thru this like we have done 1 million times before. 

Please save the date for SUNDAY THE 16TH OF JANUARY ... much more life changing challenges ahead for Feeding Denver's Hungry .

#NoOneGoes Hungry

Community members that were affected by the Marshall Fire that took place in Boulder Country Colorado will not need to sign up for any type assistance with the Hand-Up that we are providing. 

We do ask that each community member provide some sort of identification, so we can keep track of those who we have served. A driver's license a piece of mail anything with their name and address upon it would would be sufficient.

No one will be turned away.

We will post the event time and location of the Hand-Up to all of our social media by 6pm on Friday for Sunday's huge event. 



Third and most importantly, we are in need of your continue influx of funds and donations!


$20 buys a family of four food for three and a half days with our connections to the multiple resources within our community!


Feeding Denver's Hungry does not only "Hand-Up" food and toiletry items. FDH also does a "Hand-Up" of clothing materials that helps keep the community warm and fresh. This means we are also in the need of donations for NEW Gloves, Underwear, Socks and more for all ages and sizes for everyone within the community!


Feeding Denver's Hungry is looking for 50+ Volunteers to help with the FREE Grocery Store Hand-Up that we will be doing on Sunday, January 16th. The time and location will be announced once we have secured the location. We will be announcing this via our website and our Social Media Pages.


1st and foremost, we need EVERYONE to share this and upcoming posts to all of your social media feeds! 

Awareness gets foods in hands of people in need!!

We are looking to help everyone that we are able to!


Feeding Denver's Hungry is looking for 50+ Volunteers.

We are still working on securing the Hand-Up location. Once we have secured the location(s), we will be posting it on the website and all of our Social Media pages. We are seeking as many volunteers as possible to help us with the Hand-Up along with asking for everyone to share our posts as much as possible!