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Our Fight Against COVID-19

Feeding Denver's Hungry and the Fight Against COVID-19

Here at Feeding Denver’s Hungry, we know we are an important asset to many in the Denver Metro Communities that we serve. As we are trying our best to do our part in keeping everyone around us safe, we have created this page to be your one-stop information update as to how we are doing and what we are doing to help protect everyone that we serve within our communities.


Mask Mandate Requirements
As of July 28, 2021, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is highly recommending that everyone should wear a mask while indoors, even if you are vaccinated. Here at Feeding Denver’s Hungry, we have reviewed the statement from the CDC and from the State of Colorado and our local jurisdictions. With that in mind, to help us stay protected as well as protecting the community that we serve, Feeding Denver’s Hungry will start requiring masks to be worn while visiting our facilities and/or functions. Please feel free to visit the Contact-Us Page and provide us with any comments or questions that you may have regarding this matter.
Temperature Checks 
In the fight against COVID-19 and the Coronavirus, Feeding Denver’s Hungry will start performing temperature checks of all visitors that come to the Feeding Denver’s Hungry warehouse and the FREE Grocery Store. This does include Children of ALL AGES.
Vaccination Requirements
Starting November 1st, 2021, Feeding Denver’s Hungry will require proof of Vaccination for the COVID-19 aka Coronavirus. We are doing this in accordance with other businesses and organizations within the State of Colorado. By us performing this, it will help us to protect the Volunteers along with the fellow Members of the Community that we serve.

You may present your actual Vaccination Card, a photo copy of your Vaccination Card, and/or a picture of your Vaccination Card on your mobile device.

We will be requesting this of all visitors that are 12 and older. If your child that is 12 and older and they have not been vaccinated, they will not be allowed to enter the Warehouse and/or the FREE Grocery Store.

We will accept a NEGATIVE COVID-19 Test with the results being provided within the last 72 hours.

Rapid Testing

Feeding Denver's Hungry does offer a Free Rapid Testing for COVID-19. We offer this Free Test depending on the services and/or event that we are producing. 

Please Note: The Free Rapid Tests can and may vary depending on the availability that is sent to us. We cannot and will not be able state which one you will get until the moment we are performing the test,