Compassionately reaching out to nourish and meet the physical needs of the underserved and overburdened.

All January Events Have Been Postponed Due To COVID at this time!

Feeding Denver's Hungry would like to apologize as we are having to postpone all events for the month of January 2022 due several of our key event coordinators/volunteers have tested positive for COVID-19. Once all of our team members have quarantined and test negative, we will announce the new dates for all events!

Thank you for understanding!
Mucho Amor'
Jim Scharper

Our Fight Against COVID-19

Feeding Denver's Hungry is doing our part to help protect the members of the Denver Metro Communities that we serve.. Click on the button below to learn what we are doing and the requirements that we have put in place.
(POSTPONED) January 2022 Registrations are open for the Drive-Thru Service on January 22, 2022.
Please read the ENTIRE FREE Grocery Store page before signing up as there is important information that has been posted.

Please do not send an email to us asking to sign-up as everything you need to know is posted on this page. Starting with the month of December 2021, we had to change our model to a "Drive-Thru Service" and we are only able to accommodate the one day per month at this time. In the meantime, we are working on the "Find Food" section of our website that will have a listing of other sources for food help programs.

FREE Grocery Store

The FREE Grocery Store is expanding and new things are coming. This has been a great addition of the programs that we are able to offer. We have been featured on several News Articles, Programs, Podcasts and Interviews. Our popularity has blossomed greatly over the last few months. Visit the FREE Grocery Store page for the latest information and to sign up for when you would like to be able visit the “Drive-Thru Service!” Please be sure to read the entire FREE Grocery Store page as there are some important information for you regarding the new FREE Grocery Store. Lastly, we are looking for Volunteers to help us on each Wednesday and Saturday. Please visit the Volunteer Page to sign-up. Thank you for being a part of our community and happy shopping!

4th Thursday

On the 4th Thursday of every month, the Volunteers with Feeding Denver's Hungry along with Volunteers from other local businesses and organization will meet at the corner of 21st and Stout in Downtown Denver. There, we do a Hand-Up and give out Groceries to anyone that comes and visits us. 

Find Food

Feeding Denver's Hungry is a member of Food Bank of the Rockies to where have partnered with other pantries, food services and non-profit organizations. If you are in need of further assistance, please check out the the Find Food page to locate is close to you.

How Can You Help?

There are several ways that you can help Feeding Denver's Hungry and #OurMission of Compassionately reaching out to nourish and meet the physical needs of the underserved and overburdened. By doing this, #NoOneGoesHungry on our watch!

Donate Now!

Feeding Denver's Hungry works 100% by donations. All donations, regardless of size is welcomed. Visit our Donate Now Page as we have many different ways that you are able to donate to us that makes it is easier for you. Yes, we are a 501(c)3 Charitable Non-Profit Organization so all donations are tax-deductible.

Volunteer and help us!

Feeding Denver's Hungry is ALWAYS looking for Volunteers. Check out our Volunteer Page to see when we are looking for Volunteers and how you can help!

Smile - Amazon Prime

If you are a shopper of Amazon Prime, all you need to do is join the Amazon Smile program. Once you join the Amazon Smile program and select Feeding Denver's Hungry as your designated recipient, a portion of your Amazon Prime purchase will be donated to us.  Check out our Amazon Smile Page for more information on this. Just think of it, you can donate to us without even trying!

We are in the process of moving!

Please check back often for updates to our address as we are in the process of moving. We will post the address of the event within 48 hours or more to where the event will be taking place. We appreciate your patience while we locate a new warehouse to help you and the others within the Denver Metro Communities.