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The FREE Grocery Store

Hello Shoppers!
Feeding Denver's Hungry will be transitioning our FREE store sign up website! As of March 1, 2023, we will be using Link2Feed which is a part of Food Bank of the Rockies. With this new FREE grocery store sign up form, all your information will only need to be entered once! After which, you will receive a code which will allow you to sign up for your future appointments. You will also receive a barcode card that will enable easier shopping at other Food Bank of the Rockies events. Here are some simple steps that will get you started with this new program:
     1. Many of you have already registered with the Food Bank of the Rockies. If you have a Food Bank of the Rockies barcode card or other Food Bank ID, it has your Link2Feed ID number already written on the card. You can type this code in to check if you are registered and to create a login to edit your information and sign up for appointments. 
     2. Please help us out and register yourself during the month of February so you will be ready to shop with us when we reopen in March. 
     3. You must sign up for Link2Feed to schedule an appointment to shop at Feeding Denver's Hungry FREE grocery store. We are no longer using the previous appointment sign up program as of January 1, 2023. 
     4. You will be able to use your Link2Feed ID code to shop at multiple Food Bank of the Rockies sites, depending on your needs. 
     5. You must notify Jim Scharper by text or email to cancel or any appointments. If you fail to notify Jim, your appointment will be classified as a "no show" appointment and you will be unable to shop at the Feeding Denver's Hungry FREE grocery store for the following two months. If you must cancel your appointment, please notify Jim as soon as possible. His contact information in below. 
     6. If you have any issues registering with Link2Feed, please contact Jim Scharper, his contact information is below. 

Thank you all for your understanding. 
Jim Scharper Founder/Executive Director Feeding Denver's Hungry Inc.
(720) 276 - 2118

Special Announcements!

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